Designing Your Exit Strategy

As former business owners, we had dreams. And it took the growth and sale of our business for us to realize those dreams. We suspect you are no different. Sure, growing and running a successful business has its own rewards. But the real payoff comes when your business has material value in the marketplace.

In spite of all best efforts, many companies fall short of ever realizing this value. That's where SpringBoard comes in. We created SpringBoard to give companies the boost they need so that their owners can realize their dreams.

With a unique approach, we can identify facts, values, and beliefs regarding:

Our approach forms the basis for the planning to follow. It will help determine how much and how fast your business must grow, how much it must sell for, how to configure your personal assets before, during, and after the sale, how long you plan to remain with the company after it's sold, and if you choose to leave, what to do next.

SpringBoard Advisors has considerable experience growing and selling businesses. We understand how to generate the profits required to attract qualified buyers. We are prepared to advise management and, where necessary, take an active role in achieving this growth.